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Wiredchild 09-08-2005 04:02 PM

Gainward Expertool "Advanced Settings".
Hi, i bought a GeForce 6600GT 'Golden Sample' from Gainward. Awesome card.

I specifically bought the 'Golden Sample' as it has been tested or something and has advanced, "safe", preset overclocked settings. Which is good as i want to squeeze a little more out of it and overclocking scares me manually!

...Still! It won't install the settings. When i pop the CD in, you have to tick everything you want to install and this 'Enhanced Mode' are greyed out and i can't click em!


Any ideas??? This is really annoying me as the 'Golden Sample' was more expensive.

Do you think i'll have to do that coolbits registry thing before it let me install it???

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