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Kage 06-03-2006 09:55 AM

CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
Hey :)

Now, you all know how my CPU gets up to temps of 50 degrees C or more when being worked hard (most of the time since I model/render alot while doing other things, making CPU get to almost 100% usage).

Well, yesterday while rendering, the CPU hit 65 degrees C. Yep, not a typo going on there...and I have a 3500+ not overclocked...oh dear :p

So I'm looking to buy a pretty cheap (no more than 20 really) heatsink and fan that'll do me ALOT better than the stock one of now.

(Athlon 64 939 socket)

I'll also buy some Arctic stuff too to keep it running cooler.

Any ideas? :) UK shops here people, or links to products I could buy elsewhere.

Thanks, and I hope someone can help :)


I found an old magazine with reviews of 939 socket CPU Fan/Heatsinks and I found the best one they listed: (Said it cooled 17 degrees lower than the stock heatsink running at 4,000RPM, 10 degrees lower at 2,000RPM)

The only problem I can see, is the screw mount seems to be faced so that the CPU fan will be faced down when connected, which would blow hot air (restrict airflow) onto the video card.

Or have I got this wrong?

This is the list of the others. I'll probably be buying from here. Any help will be appreciated :)

gaming_freak 06-03-2006 07:29 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas? that one looks the best there IMO

MarxSoccer 06-03-2006 07:39 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
Best Combo. XP-120 and a Panaflow 120mm

Kage 06-03-2006 07:41 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
What are those MarxSoccer. Any links?

Gaming_Freak, with that also, its a tower mount, and I'm confused how those work.

Would the fan be pointing down, facing the graphics card in the AGP slot? Restricting air?

MarxSoccer 06-03-2006 07:43 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
I'm sure you can find one at a UK based site, I just linked you to this one since I usually shop at this place. You can find some fans below on that same page. I'd go with the panaflow. Any of those others with 100+CFM are noisy as hell

gaming_freak 06-03-2006 07:46 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
i just found this according to most people it is the best cooler on the market appart from watercooling so i would go with that, the way it works is u have the cooler bolted onto the cpu then u have a fan on the side blowing air to the back of the case where the outtake fan can suck the warm air out, like this

Kage 06-03-2006 07:46 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
Hey, thanks alot :) Might be too much for what I want to spend though. I'm looking for something simple but effective here :p

gaming_freak 06-03-2006 08:00 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
lol i know but the way i see it is that u might as well get the best one u can otherwise u might regret it later and it also means u can start your long overdue overclocking

Kage 06-03-2006 08:21 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
The one listed up there though that I posted first, is actually a better cooler than the Arctic 64 Pro, says my magazine :p

And I guess thats true, but I still have that unanswerable question. Otherwise I'm going to be a bit stuck.

Do the tower ones face down so that the air is restricted by the graphics card? What does this do to the cooling? Can it be turned the other way so its facing up instead?

ownage 06-03-2006 08:54 PM

Re: CPU FAN/HEATSINK combo ideas?
Scythe Ninja, Thermaltake BT, Tuniq Tower 120 with Scythe S-Flex fans, or Yate Loons. Very very good temperatures.

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