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Ronco Rox 07-23-2006 02:07 AM

clearer sound
my friend showed me this program you can download and makes the sound from your speakers way more clear and crisp. i forgot the name but it was free. i was just wondering if any of you guys know what program i am talking about.

it might be from microsoft but i'm not sure if it was or if it was a 3rd party company that made it.

gollun56 07-23-2006 04:04 PM

Re: clearer sound
Get your friend to tell you agian please , my speakers suck and everything is distorted :(.

Ronco Rox 07-23-2006 05:43 PM

Re: clearer sound
i will. i don't know what it does exactly but it focus' the best sound for your type of sound card.

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