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Mattyl110792 09-28-2006 10:38 PM

Clear CMOS?

I was reading up on how i got about clearing my CMOS....and found the following in my manual....

My Question is, what does it mean by "temporarily short the two pins". I'm not a big person on the subject and don't know as much as i could someone please explain in a bit more detail than Gigabyte lol what that means...



EDIT: Sorry about the large image lol

DILLIGAF 09-28-2006 10:52 PM

Re: Clear CMOS?
You need a jumper (similar to the one in the back of a hard drive) which is the prefered method or use a screw driver blade to contact both pins (this is not the recommended method - use at your own risk), this will create a short circuit between the pins and clear the cmos.

D-Lew 09-28-2006 10:58 PM

Re: Clear CMOS?
That's stupid. They should have included that jumper.
As long as it's shorted it will work. Just pull your battery and maybe use something less sturdy than a screwdriver so you don't accidentally bend those pins.

Mattyl110792 09-28-2006 11:01 PM

Re: Clear CMOS?
Ahh ok i put the jumper over them and then turn the pc on? or simply put the jumper on for a minute or so and take it off without pc being turned on?

And whilst i'm at it, to save another thread.....what, in your opinions, would i be able to get overclocking the moment im running the FSB at 216 (11X multiplier)......specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (now at 2.38ghz)
Gigabyte GA-M55PLUS-S3G as u might have guessed lol
2 X Kingston DDRII-533mhz 512mb RAM (running in dual channel) at 264mhz
RAM Timings: (5-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz) thats from everest and i dont get the 2 different 266 clocks...


borat_sagdiyev 09-28-2006 11:24 PM

Re: Clear CMOS?
well actually u can use your fingers to short them because i was gunna straighten the power switch pins once and the computer turned on when i touched them.

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