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MikeReiner 02-03-2006 10:31 AM

Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
i'm getting a new pc here soon, and the cpu will be an amd64 3200+ venice..
my dad's pc has an intel 2.66ghz prescott, and i'm just wondering.. which one would out perform the other?

I plan on upgrading the CPU later down the road to either 3800 X2 or 4200 X2
but i'll be on that 3200 for a while, and i'm just wondering how well it will push the games of today..

connchri 02-03-2006 03:09 PM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
Yeah, Yours would slaughter it to be honest.

That prescott has nothing going for it. No 64bit support, 1MB cache and a 533MHz FSB.

If it were a P4 630 or 640, different story.

MikeReiner 02-03-2006 06:22 PM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
haha thought so. thanks for the info.

ArrizX 02-06-2006 11:48 PM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
Man, I have a 630. So.. Does that mean mine can compete with an Amd 3200?

ownage 02-07-2006 12:12 AM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
yes, and keep in mind that with the right cooling, Intels can go up very very high in clocks.

JustinMcG67 02-07-2006 01:02 AM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
You don't even need to spend a whole lot to overclock a Prescott to ridiculous speeds. I bought a $10 CPU cooler and took mine from 2.8GHz all the way up to 3.64GHz before I started to get a little unstability. But even then, it ran amazingly fast, and for a period of time, was stable. :)

ownage 02-07-2006 10:34 AM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
But you see, with the right cooling, a 511 prescott can oc to 4Ghz easily. Just raise the FSB to 200 and bam, 4.2Ghz.

JustinMcG67 02-07-2006 08:01 PM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
Well, even with a high amount of clock, an Athelon 64 will do more per clock then a Pentium will. This is why you have a higher frequency with Pentium CPUs as oppossed to Athelon 64 CPUs, because the Athelon 64 can do more per clock then a Pentium CPU can. but do keep in mind, a higher clock means more heat, which means you could case it to become highly unstable. So if you want something that is cooler (as in temperature), as well as consumes less power, and performs the same, if not better, then higher clocked processors, go with an Athelon 64 CPU. :)

ownage 02-07-2006 09:27 PM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
Intels have a higher resistance to heat compared to AMDs. Intels can reach 65*C load while A64s need to be under 50*C load.

JustinMcG67 02-07-2006 10:27 PM

Re: Amd 3200+ (venice) and Intel p4 2.66ghz (prescott)
Well they retain such a higher heat load because of the clock frequency. They need more voltagae as well as more frequency to take fuill advantage of the netburst architecture. If you get more voltage and higher clock frequencies within the processing chip, then you ultimately get a higher heat rate. So the Prescott chips have to be able to dissipate that heat rather well, as well as coupe with that heat rather well. As oppossed to Athelon 64 processors, which can do more and a lower voltage and a lower clock frequency, thus giving it a lower heat rate and being able to take less heat.

Although, you can invest in cooling devices, such as a Zalman fan, their newest CPU fan is so ridiculous in size. The thing lowers heat temperatures by so much it's rather insane. But, you get what you pay for, and with the Zalman CPU cooler costing $60, it definetly gets the job done! :D

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