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d_source 01-25-2005 07:35 AM

Alcohol 120% and Daemon tools
I cant get these to install on my new system. These are my MOST IMPORTANT PROGRAMS. If i cant get them to work i may as well bring the system back b/c its worthless. The error is caused by a device driver conflict i guess. Its starts to install, looks like its going weel, then it asks me to reboot and when it comes back it says that my system has just receovered from a major system problem. I look at the error and it says something about device driver problem. I am assuming that the problem is that its installing a driver which is conflicting with my DVD+-RW driver that is already installed.

Anyone know how to get around this...its very important b/c i need one of these programs to work.

OR, are there any other virtual drive emulation programs out there that work similar to Alcohol 120%?

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