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zaone 07-25-2007 04:25 AM

abit ib9 problems
I have a core 2 duo e4300, abit IB9, Gforce 7300GT, 1GB DDR2 Geil at 800 mhz and a 250 wd caviar se sata2, now besides having huge issues with making the board "understand" my cpu for it`s real performance i have another big issue, when i try to install windows i get a blue crash screen, it seems that at the installation it does not recognize my hard drive,i`ve tried all sorts of drivers using F6 option on installation and the only ones that work are those for ata drives, and windows reads my hdd as an ATA one instead of SATA, when bios loads it only seaches for ide drives not SATA/RAID and i can`t find any options for SATA/RAID in bios config.Please help.

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