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dasp 01-18-2005 04:06 PM

DiscountASP.NET Launches Free RicherComponents RichHelpTip ASP.NET Component
DiscountASP.NET is proud to be the first ASP.NET Web hosting company to announce the launch of RicherComponents RichHelpTip v1.0. We have added the RichHelpTip component on all our web servers and it is available to all our customers at no cost.

RichHelpTip is the first fully-integrated, context-sensitive, cross-browser online help system for the ASP.NET platform. You can use this to easily add popup user assistance within a website. RichHelpTip also supports multi-languages.

You can check out a live demo of the RichHelpTip Component at:

ASP.NET Web hosting at DiscountASP.NET starts at $10 per month.
Special Promotion: 3 Months FREE on our annual plan!

For more information about hosting at DiscountASP.NET: http://www.DiscountASP.NET

About DiscountASP.NET

DiscountASP.NET focuses on providing the best value in ASP.NET web hosting and SQL Hosting on the Windows 2003/IIS6 platform with .NET Framework 1.1, 35+ FREE ASP/.NET components, ASP.NET-driven control panel, SQL Reporting Services, and FREE installation of most ASP.NET Starter Kits. Each site is hosted in its own isolated application pool.

DiscountASP.NET is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

For a complete list of hosting features, pricing, and components, visit: http://www.DiscountASP.NET/features.aspx
Read what others have to say about DiscountASP.NET: http://www.DiscountASP.NET/testimonials.aspx

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David Lindon 01-18-2005 04:13 PM

Re: DiscountASP.NET Launches Free RicherComponents RichHelpTip ASP.NET Component
Looks good.

Lord Kalthorn 01-20-2005 03:49 PM

Very nice!

I like all these nice ASP.NET people. Much better than Linux! :D

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