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kydavis 05-23-2006 02:39 AM

I partitioned my hard drive into multiple partitions. I have windows and a few other programs installed on my C: drive. Now i want to restict all access to that drive so that nothing gets into the important files. Any help or good reading would be much appreciated!

reece296 05-23-2006 09:50 AM

Re: partitions
Download this:

I have it, never used it though (Got it free on CD! On a magizine :p)

kydavis 05-23-2006 11:47 AM

Re: partitions
thanks, will this allow me to install other programs and run without needing the c: drive. I tryed this before and got a virus on c so i reformatted c but all the other programs i had installed on other partitions wont work now

reece296 05-23-2006 01:13 PM

Re: partitions
No, it won't allow you to install programs without the C drive

kydavis 05-23-2006 01:19 PM

Re: partitions
will anything

reece296 05-23-2006 01:22 PM

Re: partitions
Nope, sorry

kydavis 05-23-2006 01:27 PM

Re: partitions
so there is no possible way that i can install programs that will run completly independently of c: why does microsoft do that?

reece296 05-23-2006 02:07 PM

Re: partitions
Even linux needs a hard drive. If you have another hard drive (D or what ever for example) you can use that one as your main hdd

kydavis 05-23-2006 03:05 PM

Re: partitions
i only have one physical hdd. its a western digital 250 gig. I have severl partitions. That is why i want to be able to reformat c and all the programs on other partitions still work

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