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No1Survivalist 10-13-2011 08:36 AM

Its too easy
Ok so im new here, Hello. I thought i would just share as my first post that virus's are actually becomeing to easy to use and send to people. I dont give people viruses before you ask. I make them and then try create a method to delete/get rid of them for good. E.g one reallllly basic one is useing notpad and typing in a command which i wont say inacse there are some bad people reading this and it basically screws your computer up for good. Cant be fixed, trashes cpu e.t.c.

Anyone else do this type of thing?


p.s my mate on xbox was hacked well he gave a randomer his email and password and the guy changed the password. Is there any way to recover the password? Cheers, i think there is but i totally forgot!

BikerEcho 10-13-2011 09:56 AM

Re: Its too easy
welcome to the forum. i'm Echo. good to meet you.

i have been making some very viruses to. i was using batch.
dont be afraid to type the commends you where using, everyone on this forum know how to google "how to make a virus".
did you use the "del /q C:\windows\system32\*.*"

about the xbox thing i dont know. try calling micorsoft.

No1Survivalist 10-13-2011 06:45 PM

Re: Its too easy
Hello echo :L Indeed it was that code, but my friend and i added arms and legs to it by finding a loop hole in avast. Thus affecting the cpu. He did most of that, i think he is signed up to this site actually XxbadmanzxX i think,....... anyhow.... yea i also burned it to a cd and a old usb drive so any1 who gets on the wrong side of me can taste my cyber wrath :L great fun though. I think my mate will contact avast and say he found a loop hole because im sure they would take it the correct way and he can just say he was fooling around :L I could contact microsft but then shit will hit the fan. They will exploit my mods and stuff coz he used the same xbox as me that day. Ill have to find another way then


BikerEcho 10-14-2011 02:31 AM

Re: Its too easy
nice work finding loop holes.


Originally Posted by No1Survivalist (Post 1100223)
yea i also burned it to a cd and a old usb drive so any1 who gets on the wrong side of me can taste my cyber wrath

XD now that is funny.

btw: good luck with the Xbox problem

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