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Default xp passwords

hi. I'm Jason. I'm new here and I am asking for help everywhere so if you have an answer to my problem then please e-mail me as I will probably forget to check back here.

ok so my dad wanted to change the administrator password on his computer. he didn't know that XP had a built in control panel applet to do that so his IT guy at work gave him some unix code to change it. the only problem is that XP has 128 bit encryption and NT doesn't. also NT is based on a 16-bit design and XP is 32. so when he applied the new password, the computer crashed. we can't get it to boot anymore. we did a non-destructive system-restore from HP and now windows says that it recieved an illegal instruction from lsass.exe. I have taken teh hard drive out and put it into my computer and I used a program called cain and abel to try to crack the administrator password because we can't log into the recorevy console on an XP startup disk. it's weird because teh administrator account doesn't have any hashes to crack, but when you just hit enter in teh recovery console, nothing happens! it says that was the wrong password. PLEASE E-MAIL BACK!!!!!! Jwborc39963@yahoo.com. this is my family's business computer and if we don't get this fixed, we could lose a lot! we need ot keep the ifles and programs on the computer because they are business related. PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK!!!!


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The problem with LSASS sounds like the sasser virus.

As for getting into the recovery console, I would try using this to reset the password. It's never let me down and I've used it quite a few times.


I've noticed when using I've had more success by resetting the password to blank.
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