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Old 04-07-2010, 08:36 AM   #1
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Default Virus wont let me run most programs & cant get rid HELP!!!

I have a virus on my laptop im completely unable to get rid of

I was using Norton, but installed AVG the other day & it immediately began telling me i had trojans attatched to many files that would regularly be used, eg the .exe files of msn, skype, etc
So i had it quarantine the files

I then had a popup for a supposed Windows Virus checker saying i had viruses (i know this is fake & a virus or malware itself so didnt touch it)

As i went to bed i left the AVG Virus scan running, & Spyware Doctor

When i woke up i looked at it & had the blue error screen, i could not get rid of this so had to reset it (unfortunately i am not sure of the error code)

When i reset it the laptop will now not let me run most programs like virus scanners etc, i can run IE but thats about it
Any time i select AVG etc it brings up a box saying it does not recognise the file extension (basically anything that is .exe)
I downloaded software but it refuses to let me run it & install

I really dont know what to do!!!!

If anyone could help i'd be very grateful
Unfortunately im not very good with these things so anything you explain i would be grateful if you could explain it as simple as possible

Thanks in advance people

just to add it wont let me run anything in safe mode either, ive already tried Antivirus etc in safe mode

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Default Re: Virus wont let me run most programs & cant get rid HELP!!!

What I suggest you do is download a program called Hijackthis.
Run this on the infected computer, it will give you a log of all the process on your computer along with a bunch of other information.
Save this log into a text file.
Paste that log here, and hopefully we can help you. If not we can send you to some people who can.

EDIT: By the way, you can download the free hijackthis program here: http://download.cnet.com/Trend-Micro...-10227353.html

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Old 04-13-2010, 09:37 AM   #3
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Default Re: Virus wont let me run most programs & cant get rid HELP!!!

hijack this is good, but I found that it didn't work last time I used it.

at least it'd tell you that there were startup entries and BHO objects, but couldn't remove them, so I had to manually edit the registry and find them myself,

another good place to look is in program files delete the program files of the virus/trojan

also in the c:\users\username\appdata\* then look for the virus/torjan type files in there. (a good thing is you know the date that you got the infection, so when you see the malware defence/paladin anti virus etc type folders (as happened in the specific case I was looking at a couple of weeks ago), you know what to fix. -you know what files look and sound dodgy, cause they sound official, like their meant to be there, but you can be damned sure that you didn't actually load personal malware protection on the 10th or something, but you did start noticing suspicious behaviour on your machine around that time).

Malware bytes is particularly good. but most of these trojans also stop that from running too.
so you need to download the program, then go into safemode no networking to actually load and run the program...

Then you need to remove all AV and re-install your chosen AV (still in safe mode).

then run spyware search and destroy and hijack this, and malware bytes and your AV in safe mode.

then run them all in normal mode as well.

assuming that you've gone through the registry manually, and the file system manually, deleted all the keys and application files and rebooted and don it again and scanned, scanned, and scanned again you can remove these Trojans...

(it took about a full week in my case -my dads computer). -that's from say 7 - 10 after work, for five or six days.
(most people I talk to/work with just go down the route of formatting and re-installing, cause it's faster/easier and has a 100% success rate, trying to remove manually or even with programs doesn't work all of the time).
in my dads case, he's has the computer for ages and didn't want to loose any data from his work that was littered all over the C drive...
so I spend the best part of a full 20 hours over a week manually deleting files.
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Default Re: Virus wont let me run most programs & cant get rid HELP!!!

This is by no means a quick fix, it's going to take some time but will clean up your system for you.

To start with you are going to have to turn off "system restore" or all your hard work will be for nothing. Do this in normal windows mode. If you cant turn it off at this point dont worry too much as you will be able to do so after the first two scans.
also make sure that you are able to see hidden files.

I noticed that you cant run any progs in safe mode. Try running "LSPfix" from here, http://majorgeeks.com/LSP-Fix_d4180.html
You can run this in either normal or safemode's this should sort out that problem for you.

Restart your PC in safemode.
To do this... from start up tap either F2 or DEL, you will be presented with some options, choose "safemode with networking" this will allow you to access the internet.
When you are onto your desktop you will need to download & run a few programs to help clean up your system.

1st download, install & run Malwarebytes. You can get it here http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php.

2nd download, install & run Spybot SD. You can get the latest version here http://www.filehippo.com/download_sp...earch_destroy/

If you coulnt turn off system restore before, you should be able to do so now. Do this in normal mode.

3rd agian in safemode with networkingyou are going need to run Panda online scan from here http://www.pandasecurity.com/homeuse...ns/activescan/
once the scan has finished you will be presented with a report that you can save to your desktop. Once saved open the report & it will tell you the location of any infections that it has found.... you will have to remove these manually, navigate to the locations given & remove them.

After you have run these scans, run a reg cleaner.

Then run all of these scans again in normal windows.
You could also try running super anti-spyware & Trend house call.

Hope this helped
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Default Re: Virus wont let me run most programs & cant get rid HELP!!!

Try repairing your xp with ur xp cd


go into safe mode, and try runnin the software(press f8 wen boots to go to safemode).

if nothing works it is best to install a fresh copy!!
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