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Default Re: System Surveillance Pro--Please Read

Originally Posted by anewlife4us View Post
In response to T-Man

I took my computer to Circuit City, the found that my computer was being monitored by System Surveillance Pro. They are currently doing a diagnostic scan in order to find the actual program/file, whatever you call it on my computer so as to get the installation date, possibly hack into it to get any other information. So yes they found the program with the free scan they do at the store but as for accessing the program they have not found it.

Did I say something wrong in my post because I am getting the feeling that I'm not being taken seriously?

I am not being creative or making up stories. I am just asking for help. Can I get that here?
I know it's not advertising, hence why your thread is still here :P

If you setup a packet monitoring utility to watch what the computer is sending to the internet, you could very easily find out who the email is being sent out to, and how much infomation is being sent.

Your not the only one on here thats had to deal with a stalker, luckily mine was only very active for a short amount of time, and also was fairly unintelligent.

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Default Re: System Surveillance Pro--Please Read

Chris--thanks for your comments, we'll knock on wood that this situation will be short (it's already lasted long enough) because he is definitely way more intelligent that I am, to my shame!

I think he has probably stopped monitoring because for the past two days my computer's screen has been sitting at Circuit City saying "Backed Up Files, Still Need To Find Tracking Software." The software take screen snapshots of my computer so I think he knows I know. I would think he has probably tucked in his tails and ran. I wish I knew about the packet monitoring utility an the onset! And why would the techs at Circuit City not mention it...Grr?!?!?

Anyways, any other ideas? I emailed Golden Plains and they gave me the file names to delete, so I can get the installation date from those.....yeah, one down!

What I would really like to do is get into the program and see what/ when I was monitored, and who/where the information was being sent to. The web-site shows a pretty intensive system on your computer that surely is able to be found SOMEWHERE! I emailed Golden Plains too about possible resetting the password if I am able to access the program. So we'll see what they say about that!

As a vent, I'm finding out that it is very hard to spy on the spyer, why is that? Or hack the hacker....there is no information on the internet about this program except to install or uninstall! Or am I the only lucky person whose ex is a freaking computer genius and psycho to boot. What a great pick I made, huh?

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Default Re: System Surveillance Pro--Please Read

I think the disable hotkey for that particular program is Ctrl I+O but if he has changed the hotkey settings then only he will know I would cut you losses and re-format and keep him away from your system.

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