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Default Re: Spoofing IP Addresses

grc just has something against XP...

raw sockets have ben available in UNIX and Linux since they were first invented...
Of all people, you should know that to use raw sockets in unix/linux, one must have root privileges. Root unix accounts, are fairly easy or hard to have, depending on your level and knowledge. Yes, with the widespread of linux, root unix accounts, can be created by you and me, at home.
So, to have a root unix account, you need to either buy it, hack it, be given it, or build it yourself. Which limits quite alot of people so far.
Baring in mind, a mass virus/worm, has yet to be made, for getting unix root accounts (most unix servers, not running under root).
Now windows xp...which by default, runs root

The major difference, is pure numbers. Picture you, and your root account at home, and maybe your 10 others, or 100 somewhere else.
Now picture, junior and his xp gang (article quote) and let's say, one of the DCOM flaws, blaster exploited for instance.
How many pc's did blaster infect? How many root windows accounts with raw socket capabilities did the blaster coder have in his hands? 1 Million? 10 Millions, alot more unix root accounts you could ever get I'm sure
Lucky for us and the internet's sake, the blaster coder wasn't very skilled. Maybe the next one'll be better.

Anyway, all this to say, I don't think GRC has anything "against" windows. It's just facts. Windows is a popular, user-orientated, and flawed operating system. It is NOT for network devellopment, and therfore, does NOT need raw socket capabilities.
Putting it in (or should I say, not taking it out the BSD 4.4 TCP/IP layer) was a stupid idea.

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