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Default Something weird with my drivers

Well, awhile back i got a virus that messed up some drivers and filled my hard drive with hidden files, or made it think that it was full. whatever, back then i had even less knowledge than i do now so my dad gave it to a friend. i now know that he whipped the drive and reinstalled the drivers (Along with the OS). well, now with my later knowledge i'm thinking he locked the drivers in a password protected folder. the 2 reasons i think this is because 1st of all, i went to try to make a folder like this before and the system kept telling me that their was already a file called "password.bat.txt" i figured it was a text file and that it shouldn't matter but the system refused to let me make a file with that name.. Reason 2: i ran a program for a guy who was going to help me decide if i had a keylogger or not. i now know i dont but when trying to run the program it kept telling me their was a folder it couldn't get to, witch i guessed were the drivers he installed. it really doesn't matter but i want to know what and what isn't on my computer. just for knowledge sake. so is does this sound right?? or am i just sounding dumb (:? reply's are great, thanks for your time

- Will

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Default Re: Something weird with my drivers

I am not going to lie, you post is not very clear. You didn't really state what OS you are running even... If you could repost and reread before you post to make sure it make sense, we will be more than likely to help you.
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