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Default Someone has hacked me and is messing with me! Plz help!

idk if this is the right forum to post on, didnt know which one would be appropriate. I just panicked because my laptop got hacked very badly, someone is on my laptop, they kept making pages pop up that were uploaded pictures from me sitting in my room with my shirt off on webcam. it was a bunch of photos uploaded to gyazo lite website that they took of me on webcam.

Then after i continuously closed these photos, they kept opening em back up. Then after a bit a pop up came that said, I AM WATCH YOU!! and it kept coming up. This scared me, someone is obviously messing with me and my laptop, its a brand new laptop so im scared something is wrong, what can i do? and it wasnt anyone in my house because we only have one other computer that wasnt turned on, and im using it right now. plz help!

I turned off my computer and ran downstairs, i am very paranoid right now, need help with this as soon as possible!

also i would not like any police involvement with this because I do not want them searching through my computer

im pretty sure the cause of this is probably to do with a random person i added on skype through omegle

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Default re: Someone has hacked me and is messing with me! Plz help!

1st things 1st.
The simple solution, Take a piece of tape, post it note, anything and cover up the webcam.

If you are on wireless: Turn it off.

Go to another computer. download a few tools to a flash drive or cd.

Malwarebytes. Also do a search for offline updates for it. It wont be current but it will work for now.
Install spybot search and destroy on the other computer and update it. go to the "Programs files" directory and Copy the the spybot install to your flash drive.
Download ccleaner (portable or install will be fine)
Download rkill

Now take your flashdrive to your laptop and run ccleaner. Clean out any temp files you have.
Now run Rkill (don't do anything till the program tells you to.. I've seen this program look like it sits for 15 minutes)
Run Spybot. Remove infections but don't reboot.
Install malwarebytes and run the update. Scan and remove infections.
Reboot and rescan.

If the scans come up clean on reboot connect back to the internet and update malewarebytes and rescan but a full scan.

During your scans, You need to log into your router if you have one and take a look at any connection logs if there are any to see which port(s) were open. Close them.

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Default re: Someone has hacked me and is messing with me! Plz help!

If you don't have any important files that you want to keep. Then reformat your computer. If you do have important files then do this. Write a note, tell the guy to fuck himself then disconnect from wireless/or if you're connected through an internet cable unplug it. Now get a flash drive and download malwarebytes from a different computer. Install it from the flash drive onto your laptop. Scan it. That should fix it.
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