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Default Some questions about Tails

Hi, I would like to ask some security-focused questions on Tails, the Linux privacy OS.

1. We know that Javascript and plugins are removed from the Firefox Tor browser, because these are 2 of the most common ways to hack a browser. But, is there any way to hack Firefox that doesn't depend on these 2 things..? The NSA has documents where they were confident to exploit so-called "native" Firefox exploits. I would like to see someone link me proof of any such exploits. The only thing I could think of would be things like, using GIF images or something like that. I've heard of exploits that Involve nothing other than GIF images.

2. Let's just say that the answer to (1) is "yes, they can hack Firefox even with JS and plugins disabled"... So, the question is.... what happens next...? We know that Tails runs in non-administrator/non-root mode, and we know that Tails blocks access to the user's local hard drive.... So the question is..... how would any hacker achieve persistence...? Surely when the browser window closes, the virus is now gone for good.... Or is it...? That's what I'm asking.... How would they achieve persistence...? Can programs be run simply out of the computer's RAM alone...? Or, could they install the virus to any USB hard drive that was plugged in..? Does Tails allow executable files to be run off of an external USB device..?

3. Question 3 is another question about persistence.... Would it be possible for a hacker to hack Firefox, and then install the drivers required to read off of the user's local hard drive...? Or not...? Does it require a computer restart in order for such drivers to take effect..? If so, then obviously it's useless for the hacker, because once Tails is restarted, it's back to its original non-modified state all over again.

That's it...

As you can see, the questions are mainly about persistence...
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