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Default Re: really bad worm problem

Originally Posted by Atomic Rooster View Post
Here's some reading for you overeem:

What is rundll32.exe And Why Is It Running?

What is dwm.exe And Why Is It Running?

Symantec Search - csrss.exe

Now, the crss.exe is another story. Did you type that right? Is it crss.exe or Csrss.exe? Csrss.exe is a legit program if it's running in the System32 directory. Otherwise, it could be a trojan. Most any scanners such as Ad Aware, Spybot, and Malwarebytes can pick it up and kill it.
i didn't type it i just copy and pasted it. so theres the trojan.....

and thanks alot for everything :] i can use my lappy but it still has the virus

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Default Re: really bad worm problem

Originally Posted by burn420 View Post
Atomic - Wow I am surprised, I re-looked right where you said, and there it was... My bad, sorry...
Though personally, I find it hilarious that it wants you use Vista Recovery.... Just so you can use Command...

Spec - I too have put combo fix on a vista 64bit... Though it crashed, so I ripped it apart to see the code, and well unless you understand code better then I do... Then you would have realized that the code was designed for (not only 32bit and doesn't seem to have much support for 64bit designs period) old (meaning late 1900's, though I did find a couple from the early 2000's (around like 2002 or 2003)) techniques.. It does not even support half of the good (by good I mean hard to find or detect) exploits... Nor does it seem to have much support for the design period of windows Vista... WINE does not operate the same as old school Windows platform... (Yes Vista uses WINE, though if I remember correctly (as I know a couple of the programmers of Vista and Windows 7) the WINE used for Vista is not the WINE used for Linux).
I would love to see ComboFix even try to find even one of my old virus's I made when I was like 14 or so... Granted yes it still can be useful for some good exploits, but still it is not what it is cracked up to be...

But to get back to this person's problem, I am sorry but not even ComboFix can scan encrypted files... So it does still render it useless...

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