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Default Port Scanning and IP Tracing (not a hacking thread)

I was wondering, how can someone infiltrate my network and obtain my true IP? Because I have a port scanner called, Advanced Port Scanner. It works quite well to scan my ports and it shows me how many, as well as what type, of port is open. So I'm curious, how can I block ALL ports from viewing, even those on my own network? As well as how can I keep someone from obtaining my true IP, because every single computer on a network starts with an IP which starts with 192.168, which that signifies what kind of IP it is. So the question is, can I get a program, or manually set my TCP/IP to somethign completely off from what my actual IP is? Because I don't want anyone obtaining my true IP.

Also, I was also wondering. What is TelNet? I know it's like a hackers/crackers dream tool. So is there a way I can completely shutoff the Telnet service, or if someone was to telnet into my PC, is there a way that if a forgien person got access to my PC via telnet, can I send them some sort of warning, and shoudl they excedd the warning a virus or a call to police via a PC call?

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Default Re: Port Scanning and IP Tracing (not a hacking thread)

Ok, You can block all your ports...the only real way though it to install a firewall...Your true IP? You technically have two IP addresses...External and Internal. External is the address that the websites you visit see. The internal is the ip address behind your router. Your true ip address is actually your external because that is the basis of all hacks. You have to know the external to get the internal.

You can setup a honeypot to block the default telnet port of 23 but other than that telnet is somehting that you ahve no clue about obviously enough...Telnet is used to connect to shell listeners...Lets say i run a netcat shell, I use telnet to access the shell...Google it if you don't understand, because i'm not here to teach. Its not a dream tool, persay. Merely a crucial one...

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