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Default Re: pokerstars error (109/1001), someone please help

how would they know my new IP address its new different than the old one

and how would i block my IP?

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Default Re: pokerstars error (109/1001), someone please help

Strong - Firstly, it is possible to do mac address blocking, though I rarely ever hear of many places that would actually do that... Anyways, it seems to me that it is possible that you are using Internet Explorer and simply need to update to IE 8, they could be using CSS2, in which case IE7 does not support...(though I do not know their errors so yea, they all could be right and your IP is blocked) Also if you have Vista, I sure hope you have the 32-bit system if you want Malwarebytes to be of any help to ya...
Also HiJackThis, though it is a great utility for Windows 2k and below, you can find out more about your system using your system, then you can using HiJackThis...

If you really want to make sure you are clean, the only other software I have found to be more thorough then Adaware (which I see you have) is Spyware Terminator...

One more thing, you do also have to realize that your not dealing with stupid ass coders here, it is more then possible they have both your ip and account on block, this way if you try using a different ip to access your account, it will still be blocked... Also if they are doing Mac blocking, then you really are screwed... Try having your friend log in under your account, see if they still get the same error, or something of the sort, maybe even try on a public computer?

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Default Re: pokerstars error (109/1001), someone please help

There is something in the software that is also used to track your usage because if you have ever uninstalled any poker software and then reinstall it do you notice that if you save your username on there it pops up even after you reinstall the software. Also the find feature will still have all the names you have searched in the past even though u have uninstalled the software. but your antivirus programs or spyware programs will not find anything on there because if it would have found it now when you are looking for it don't you think that it would have found it all those times that you used it when you werent looking for that in particular.

If I was you I would either go to another site and call it a day or I would just email them and see if they will reinstate one of your accounts only (which I highly doubt they will cuz you know how bad multi-accounting is). What you did was a serious crime in the poker world and I honestly doubt you are going to find a way around it because pokerstars has one of the best security teams out there when it comes to this type of thing. Just ask JJ prodigy...LMFAO I know some other ways around it but sadly I actually play on that site as well as a few others and I don't condone what you did or even believe the fact that this was a 1 time thing and you will not do it again. It gives you an unfair advantage if you are using more than 1 account especially if you are using them both in the same tourney but also to mask who you are which nullifies any notes or reads an honest player may have stored on you.
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Default Re: pokerstars error (109/1001), someone please help

My suggestion. Download AnVir Task Manager. When you run it, AnVir shows you all startup programs and Windows processes, so you’ll find harmful file in a minute. I always use it when I clean one’s PC. Sorry for the offtopic.

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