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Default Ming Netowrk Monitor Home

Not sure if I am posting this question in the right forum, but hoping someone can help me.

Can Ming Network Monitor Home be installed on a home networked (hooked to wi-fi) computer via an outside force -- ie Trojan virus, hacker OR does it have to be installed by the home user?

The reason I ask is because this morning I discovered that the demo version of Ming Network Monitor Home had expired -- I got a pop-up upon turning on the laptop. I did NOT install this myself. The only other person using the computer is claiming that the trojan horse Generic8_c.BASX which AVG antivirus free edition 2014 removed on September 28, 2013 is the cause of the Ming program installation and execution on the computer. IS THIS POSSIBLE? I read into the Ming site a bit, and the demo version is for 10 days. Ten days ago would be Oct 3, 2013, when the trojan had already been secured.

Basically folks, is the virus to blame for the spy/keylogger program, or is the person also using my computer trying to spy on my activities?

Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Ming Netowrk Monitor Home

look at the control panel or the files in the c:\program files folder and see either when the software was installed or when the folder containing the program was created.

Clearly if the folder was created 10 or 11 days ago whilst you were out, or whilst your other person (assume wife or husband) was in and using the computer then you probably have your answer.

of course it's not 100%, there could have been something installed by someone on your network, connecting remotely to your machine, it "could" be that some virus installed a keylogger/network monitor on your machine etc.

but I doubt it. why would someone clever enough to write a virus install a commercial bit of software, and only a demo version at that? writing key logging software is pretty easy. on the balance of probability your "other user" is probably lying to you.

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Default Re: Ming Netowrk Monitor Home

Thank you for your reply. I also posted the question on SpywareInfoForum and they had me run a bunch of scans.... I never thought to check the program files -- and I was worried that their scans and 'fixes' would have removed all evidence of the Ming Network Monitor from the system.

It didn't. On your advice, I checked -- and you are CORRECT. The files were created on October 3, 2013 at 1:17am and 1:25 am when I was sound asleep in bed. My significant other was up at this time and obviously installed it.

Can't argue the proof. Thanks again!
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