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Default Me trying to play computer mechanic

I bought a Dell Inspiron E1505, its got 120GB, 1GB, and vista.
When I got it, it would turn on to a white screen that told me to enter a password to acess the data on this computer, I entered the one that the previous owner gave me and then the other identical white screen came up, this time it asked for the HardDrive password, I entered the one the previous owner gave me and it booted vista and all was fine. But I decided to change it so I wouldnt have to do that. Now I know the password for the first white screen but no password is valid for the second white screen when I have to enter the password for the hard drive. So basically, I "LOST" the harddrive password.

Cant boot to vista, im stuck at this white screen, so I dont know what my options are but I cant afford much....I would appriciate if anyone can tell em what my options are. I can press F2 to go to setup, but im unsure if the hard drive password change or whatever is in setup.....I can also push F5 for diagnostics...people have told me to go to setup but I see nothing in setup that has to do with HDD password, admin and system password I unset, but is there a second page? If so how to I get there....???
Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Me trying to play computer mechanic

Try reinstalling windows and if that doesn't work personal message me i have a few more tricks you can try

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Default Re: Me trying to play computer mechanic

Unfortunately, reinstalling Windows probably won't help in this situation as these security measures appear to be enabled in BIOS from what you described. Try going into BIOS (hit F2 a bunch of times right after you turn your PC on) and either go into "Security" and disable the passwords from there or look for something along the lines of "Reset BIOS to factory defaults". If that doesn't work, you might have to take out the CMOS battery for a few seconds and reinstall it (there also may be a "CMOS reset" jumper on the motherboard). Dell's tech support website is really good. You should be able to find the service manual there for your model which will explain how to reset the BIOS in detail.
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