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Default lots of issues

I've posted my issues over in Hardware and since I dont want to post it twice I will tell you to read it for yourself. I'm running windows 7...with IE9...with Avast and the stock windows 7 programs. I'm curious as to if maybe my issues arent hardware issues at all, maybe its a virus that Avast hasnt found yet. I will not use Norton because of a past experience with them but I'm open minded to anything else.

I am not even sure whats wrong...virus or hardware issue but I want to weed out any other possibilities as well. Is there any program thats a free download that can check and fix stuff that my Avast has looked over? I will have a new job starting next week so until I can start building up the cash I have to be cheap till then. I dont have a clue where to start to even try to fix this other then asking around here and my post in hardware has not recieved any replies other then the 1 I made because I forgot something lol. I take it that my issue is rare or I'm getting laughed at because its something obvious that I havent noticed yet lol ...Many Thanks In Advance

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Default Re: lots of issues

Are you referring to this thread?

You'll need to paste the entire error message for it to make sense.

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Default Re: lots of issues

Do a system restore or a factory restore and start over again.......
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Default Re: lots of issues

If you read the other thread he's already done that.
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Default Re: lots of issues

To see if there is a virus that Avast hasn't caught you can try plugging the drive into another computer and scanning it.

What I'm not clear after reading the other thread is if this started before or after your factory reset. If it happened before, then I'd suggest running memtest and something like seatools to check your RAM and hard drive. If either are bad, data can become corrupted during the install.
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