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Old 06-06-2005, 04:30 PM   #1
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Default Linux?

hey guys.
ive heard a bit about linux and want to know exactly what it is.. i heard that it is not dos or windows but another operating system. also used by hakers.. what exactly is linux and can it be run on a windows computer ?

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Old 06-06-2005, 05:35 PM   #2
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This may help explain what it is. Yes, Linux is used by hackers, but so is every other OS.

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Old 06-06-2005, 06:00 PM   #3
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Default Re: Linux?

You can use Linux on any computer so long as you partition the hard drive. Yes, by hackers it is used (yoda talk). There are many types of versions of Linux out there, so be careful which one you use. They range from the user-friendly to the very complex ones. Why are you interested? You want to learn the OS? What?
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Old 06-07-2005, 03:13 AM   #4
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i just got intrested by the fact that it was used by hakers but then again so are all OS's. i was told not to get it installed since i dont know how to use it.. is it complicated or what??
on the link it said "Linux is a free Unix-type operating system"
is this saying that it only runs on unix's or can be run in a unix?
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Old 06-07-2005, 09:04 AM   #5
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Default Re: Linux?

More yoda talk...

You have much to learn young padawa...

Hopefully we can enlighten you...

Linux does not run on Unix, it is an opperating system and as such it runs programs, nothing runs it...
(well actually i'll make it a bit more technical)
in the same way as windows runs on either the Dos or NT kernel, Linux runs on the Linux Kernel and is incharge of interfacing with hardware and software...

Linux is a Unix style OS, that means that it works in roughly the same way as Unix, that is to say that hard drive partitions are not listed as c: and d: they are all found using the OS in terms of their position from the root (/)

and partitions get names, so you can have two partiotions (eg /boot and /home) and then a athird partiton that is just /, /boot and /home are accessible from /

another difference is in linux you have a swap partition rather than a swap file (although you can allocate regular partition space for an extended swap file rather than using the partition.

Linux use ext2 and ext3 formats (typically) for it's disks, although many more formats are available and readable from Linux. (including Fat32 if you are interested in dual booting and sharing a data drive).

Linux doesn't have services, it has daemons (though they are the same thing)...

commands a re different, (so instead of del *.* you have rm *.*) but that's not really important just yet.

There are more desktop styles available for Linux than there are windows, when I say desktop styles I don't mean themes, I mean window managers.

Anyway... now I'll move onto the next part of the confusion here...
Yes, Linux is seen as the hackers OS... but there are some very good reasons for this, most of them are social rather than actual, and the actual reasons no longer actually matter anymore since windows has (stupidly) opened things up a little from the hackers point of view...

anyway, here goes...
Linux is seen as the hackers OS, because most Microsoft machines are hacked into, this isn't really because Linux is so much more secure, (although it is a little more secure), it's more to do with the desktop popularity of windows, and the sloppiness of microsoft coders. now the second part to this is you think that hackers wouldn't realease a virus that could target them would you? exactly, and since most virusses target windows machines, they must *obviously* come from Linux machines...

this of course is crap since most Virruses are now compilled excecutables which must have been made on a windows machine since a linux machine couldn't compile for the windows environment...

The second reason Linux is seen as the Hackers OS, is because in the traditional sense of the word Hacker mean ssomeone who is skilled and adept at coding and making programs better, the open source nature of Linux means that anyone can aceess the source code, hack it about a bit and then compile it for their own purposes...

Thirdly Linux is the hackers OS simply because of the amount access, and the ability to do things that you get, for instance Linux coders have allways been able to have raw packet access, meaning that they are able to craft packets for a specific job, this wasn't available in windows (until the release of XP), so malicious 'hacking' packets had to come from Linux machines.

There is also the issue that there are so many more tools available with Linux than there are with windows, packages like ethereal that all you to capture all network traffic... (but thanks to the open source nature of most Linux projects, a lot have been ported to windows...).

Basically the point I am making here, is that yes, Linux was traditionally seen as the hackers OS, simply because of the power flexibility and amount of tools that you were allowed... however windows now has many of these tools, the power and flexibility have been opened up, and there isn't much call for any 'would be hacker' to even think about Linux...

unless of course they want to get interested in something a little more revolutionary than defacing webpages...
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Old 06-08-2005, 02:13 PM   #6
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so basically theres no point in me getting it since i cant "hack" or theres just no point. anyways nice description root
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Old 06-08-2005, 03:17 PM   #7
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I have tryed a few LINUX version I have found SUSE to be the better of them, if you are like me BIG V you may find problems but maybe you could help me out here at the same time root, when you install something in windows you get a desktop icon how do you do that with linux (windows has right click/send to desctop) LINUX has a start menu like the Windows 1 but any software I have installed on LINUX(I got some software to install) doesn't appear in there and also ive downloaded a few peogrammes like the LINUX version driver for my G-Force graphic card but when I click to run it all I get is a load of writing(it looks like a document that has been opened in notepad on Windows).
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Default Re: Linux?

BigV maybe should give Linux a whirl. There are live CD versions that you pop into your drive and you run a linux envoironment then when you're done shut down the PC take out the cd and boot the PC and you're back in windows. No harm done.
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Old 06-11-2005, 08:40 AM   #9
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Default Re: Linux?

just because you don't hack doesn't mean you shouldn't use linux.
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Default Re: Linux?

Originally Posted by Knight
This may help explain what it is. Yes, Linux is used by hackers, but so is every other OS.
Yes, linux used by hackers and i am hacker Hey guy, http://linux.org, this is a good server İ think...
And guys, sorry, my language isnt English, İ am turkish people so i can speak english wery well.
İ am sorry

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