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Default i need help

My computer has a serious virus on it,i know i should have put this in security, but nobody ever views those it seems. Ive tried to reboot, reboot in safe mode, virus scan(malware, search and destroy, antivirus 360 etc) and ive even tried to do a system resore. When i log onto my computer, it will display the background image, and nothing else, no icons for explorer or anything. Only way i can do anything is through TM. btw, when i try to use explorer.exe it says i do not have permission. One guy in the security thread had the same problem, but it doesnt show how to fix it =( I worked on this comp all day yesterday and nothing worked at all. I need help asap pls.
Thank you in advance.

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Default Re: i need help

back up the data by taking the HDD out and hooking it up to another computer and then reload it.

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Default Re: i need help

i dont have the start-up disk either. or another comp =( i tried avg from another link on this site. did a full scan and killed the viruses it found. it also found 2 malware but i cant use malware scanner(another program i D/L from this site) still cant use explorer.exe
Thanks for your help youve given me so far.


i d/l'd avg, done several virus scans, will come up with something, ill kill it, and then it will be clean. repeat, same scenario. I desperately need help, ive gone to WoW and asked for help with more responces, i know someone here knows how to help me. As ive seen another post with the same problem, but they never say whether or not they fixed it. Ive done virus scans in safe mode and deleted the virus' its found there as well. Still, when my computer loads up, no icons, and when i try to use anti-malware, it says i do not have permission, same with search and destroy. Only IObot and avg can be utilized. I can still play my games, and i can still come online obviously. but no matter what i try, it does NOT work. I do not have the original start-up disk, or access to another computer. I have modest computer skills, but not enough to fix this clusterfuck. pls help! ATM i have both IObot and avg doing a full computer virus scan. Im hopeful, but not expecting any results.
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