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Default I Need Help!!!!

Ok I'm new here first of all and I have a problem and I'm not really sure if anyone can help. My family just got a new Dell laptop about a week ago and of course I'm the first to wreck it. Heres what happened, I was on the internet when all of a sudden all these pop-ups came up (I had turned the pop-up blocker off to see a music video that was in a different window) Then the computer froze and I was clicking the screen and pressing escape because the pop-ups were not that pleasant (pornagraphy) and then as I was clicking the screen, it became unfrozen and then all of these porn websites came up and then they all just exed out and my desktop background went away and it said (i think) "your computer is at very high risk" and then McAfee kept popping up and saying that I had a virus or spyware so I tried to delete it, clean it and then qurantine it but none of them worked because it said it was write protected. So I tried restarting my computer and when I logged onto my screen it was blank with no startbar, taskbar or icons. The McAfee virus thing popped up again telling me to scan the computer which I did and the same thing happened as before. Then an error window popped up saying "Explorer.exe- Application Error. The application failed to intialize properly (0x0000005). Click OK to terminate the application." So I clicked ok and nothing happened. After this I went to the task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and opened up the internet (which worked) and tried to download some spyware programs, none worked. I restared the computer a few more times and the same thing kept happening. Also now the internet will not work (I am on our other computer) and McAfee still will not open and a window keeps coming up telling me to scan my computer but I can't. I know this is alot but anything right now would be helpful. Also should I just take it somewhere to be fixed or not?

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Default Re: I Need Help!!!!

It sounds pretty dreadful :P Depends if you're after a quick idea or a long idea. Quickest would be to reinstall windows. If its new, then it should not be too much of a problem because you won't have done too much installing. If it still works enough you can backup things and so on.

Longer option would be to keep going trying to get McAfee to scan. Try closing down processes. If you screenshot and show us your Task Manager from the moment you boot up we can tell you what to right click and 'end process tree'.

I'd personally go for the trying to close down any processes getting in the way myself, but it depends how much of the computer is actually still working.

I'd also recommend never stopping the Popup Blocker. You can put in exceptions, or ctrl click a link you trust will open a good popup.
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