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Default Re: How safe is the internet?

I personally think that internet is not a very safe place. I've read an article on www.pc1news.com about some kind of research that shown that about 75percent of malware come from legitimate websites... Thus, it's not a safe place. But that's only my opinion

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Default Re: How safe is the internet?

use common sense like the smart people said, and pleasse do your research before clicking on something without knowing what it does.

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Default Re: How safe is the internet?

Originally Posted by Datalyss View Post
what the frak are you talking about?

Anyway, the internet is about as safe of unsafe as life itself. Just use your best judgment, and some good "anti-*" programs along with a good firewall (I think most DSL/cable/satellite modems have built in firewalls). You can test your firewall at sites like http://www.hackerwatch.org/probe/.
Agreed. I always make my account private and try to add people I know. However if it someone I don't know I add them and within the first week if I see trouble I delete. Kind of risky, but hasn't hurt me yet. The only information I put on facebook is Birthdate, Hometown (which is thousands of kilometers from me), and Name (Google Luiz Toledo to find how many results you get).

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