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Default Re: How To Be A Hacker

Originally Posted by Paradox
lol this brings back memories.. Im gona post a thread in a bit in social lol

My nickname is hacker because of just what were talking about, its like my pet name from my friends and teachers.

But anyways, Hacking is not commiting crimes, or breaking software, or destroying systems, or even anything harmful for that matter.

At times I hate the term because so many people know it (and dont understand it), Anyone can say "Im a hacker" When they arent. I like to think of the word hack in simile to exploit.


Im am a Hacker, I am an Exploiter.

I hack things, I exploit things

I'm always hacking things to see how they tick,
Im always exploiting things to see how they tick.


See? Its not something you can entitle yourself, Its something you can do. People often confuse the term with cracker. Crackers are malicious, Have cruel intent, The only thing they have in common with "hackers" is the fact they can exploit things. They use their knowledge to destroy things while hackers use their knowledge many times to fix them, and often times just to learn something new.

I sadly think That Hacker has slowly faded into a misunderstood genre. While hacker used to stand for a title for the root, now noobs toss it around as though a meaningless term. We'll just have to come up with something more meaningful to call ourselves guys lol
I couldn't agree more with everything you said
Hackers are what made the inernet, they protect it and help patrol it, fixing problems that may arise and updating it, tehse are all jobs of hackers, and what do they get? A big fat stereotype that is absolutely false, what the media refers to as hackers, those who are not so technologically-impaired would refer to as crackers ...
What you said closely follows the Hackers Manifesto ... excellent piece of literature, written originally by a hacker himself !

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