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Default Re: how do I delete files for good?


Michigan doesn't speak English? just kidding!

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Default Re: how do I delete files for good?

Originally Posted by pcmxkeith
? ok that makes no scnese!

and that does????????????????

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i only had to read keith's message once to understand it. i still do not understand yours after reading it 3 times. :/
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Default Re: how do I delete files for good?

Ok I'm a little confused now . Here's a list of things to try. (Most apply to Windows OS.)

1 Take the hard drive out and beat it with a sledge hammer till there is nothing left bigger than a grain of sand. (Helps relieve stress and frustration)
2 Put the hard drive in blast furnace and melt it to liquid. (Not as much fun unless you have some diesel fuel and liquid oxygen. Pyrotechnic!)
3 Wrap it with primer cord with a couple sticks of dynamite. (My favorite)
4 With the aid of a Department of Defense quality eraser program put the hard drive as slave into a computer with a OS and run the program. At least 30 over writes more the better.

For something to be erased forever it will need to be over written many times. If in the past you deleted something Windows did not erase it, it just marked it as usable disk space that can be used. Lets say you install a game Halo or BF 1942 or such. The computer writes the program over that usable disk space. That area has been over written one time. Which is enough to keep peace at home. But law enforcement can read that area like a cheap novel. ISP's keep short term records of your Internet travels so they can protect their servers and other costumers from attacks. Lets say you click on a music site in Northern Europe. That site Happen to belong to a Black Hat/ Hacker up to no good..........................

Defragmenting the drive first will help move things along. ( It also writes over areas marked as unused disk space one time but there is noway to know what it is writing over one time. Unless you have equipment and skills

5 With DoD quality eraser program, erase unused disk space.
6 Under Accessories go to Disk management Click on it choosing what you want. (Empty recycle bin. Delete temp files or such.)
7 If your wanting to erase something you deleted a long time ago 1-4 above.
8 If the link did not work Type download.com in address bar than search site.
9Use safety equipment for 1-3 above.
10 about the only way to keep things erased is to erase as you go.
11 now I have a question for one of the pro's , does reformatting a hard drive erase anything or does it just form the file system? I'm guessing it does not erase any thing.
12 Too much information.

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