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Default How to dissociate an already-hacked computer from your real identity..?

Let's say that you have a computer that is hiding behind a dedicated Tor Ethernet hotspot.

So let's assume the computer got hacked by web browser exploit.

So it is hacked, but it is still connected via a Tor Ethernet.

Therefore, the hacker can see WHAT you are doing, but not WHO you are, i.e. your real IP.

So... I want to operate in this environment.

What kinds of things would I do to stop this laptop from being tied to me..?

I will give you a list of things I thought of... I would like you to add to this list or correct anything I got wrong.

1. Laptop manufacturer

2. System spec

3. Wipe/re-install the BIOS and HDD from any previous attacks

4. Lists of programs installed. Perhaps only install a web browser and nothing else

5. Don't visit sites in your ordinary browsing routine on clearnet

6. Typing style / speed / vocabulary / language / typos, i.e. forensic linguistics

7. Time of the day that you use the computer.. clock on the machine..

8. Physically remove the webcam, mic

9. Physically remove the WiFi chip, so it can't scan for nearby networks and devices. So the only connection is directly by Ethernet to the Tor hotspot

10. Don't type your real name, or log into any accounts tied to your real name.

What do you think..?

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Default Re: How to dissociate an already-hacked computer from your real identity..?

Why not just remove the infection and go from there after it's clean again? You are basically destroying your computer to spite your computing...to turn a phrase.
You'd rather remove a webcam than put a piece of electricians tape over it? After you remove all that hardware you are talking about, the computer will have problems when it tries to connect to it again when you restart it.
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