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Default Help, really wierd virus/spyware/adware

So on my parent's computer, they are running XP (I'm using linux, which is the only reason I can be on here now, ill explain). So at random intervals, these flash popups come up. They aren't like regular popups in that they aren't displayed in a browser, they have no border adjustments or anything, but they have an advertisement. Well when you click it anywhere, it closes but disables the start menu for over a minute, meaning that you can't click anything on the start menu. But along with this, msconfig is disabled, and i can't install anything on the computer. So, I went to use spybot S&D to see if I could get rid of my problem, well it seems spybot is disabled, so I go to use mcafee, guess what, its disabled too. SO, then I try going to the symantec website, and its blocked. Then I go to the Mcafee website, yup its blocked too. Then something else happened, the browser would open and go to random websites (random ones, even ebay once) and the broswer would change size and position. So I also noticed that before it goes anywhere, it seems to go to ad.doubleclick.net really fast, so I went into the router and blocked this site, but it didn't stop anything. So then when one of the flash popups came up, I right clicked and went into the macromedia settings, and it displayed http://www.browerbuy-out.com for every one of the popups. So I blocked that site too, and the same things still happen.

Someone please help. I know someone is probably going to suggest backing everything up and then reformating the system, but my mom has told me thats out of the questing, and I also need to use that computer so I really need help.

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Default Re: Help, really wierd virus/spyware/adware

If it is a grey message, like a Windows messenger pop-up (the kind admins use to notify the network users it will be unavailable- don't confuse it with MSN messenger), then you could try stopping the messenging service- forgot the service, but do a google search on it. Also, try running SpyBot in safe mode. You may also want to unplug the eithernet connection, while you are doing all this. Before you do, download Adaware SE, update, and run, and also download Microsoft Antispyware Beta, update, and run. See if this helps.
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