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Old 09-12-2009, 04:23 AM   #1
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Default Hackers/ Hard disk failing need help quick

Good evening,

Two weeks ago I was on my MSN catching up with friends and all of a sudden someone blocked me from chatting to that person on MSN and someone else started typing in my " Typing Area", I then closed MSN and quickly put on Nortons to scan my computer and they kept closing it. I then turned my computer off and left it off for around 30 minutes because I knew they would try hack my computer again because they would expect me to come back online within 5-10 minutes. Since then I've been having big time trouble with my computer; Sometimes it goes to a blue screen saying "beggninng of dumping memory/Registrey files. I have just found out that my hard disk is failing and my guess it that it's the hackers fault. And my computer has been slowing right down.

- I have scanned my computer with Nortons and AVG and nothing has been picked up.
- Most recently, today, I went into the start file and went into computer then right clicked my hard drive went into propities then tools and did an error check.

Have I done the right thing? Is there something else I should do? Do you know of any good Anti-Virus/ Hacker blocker free downloads?

Kind regards,

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Old 09-26-2009, 09:25 AM   #2
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Default Re: Hackers/ Hard disk failing need help quick

if you are having crazy things like that happen and NO AV picks up anything, I would just wipe the machine clean.

if after that you keep having hard drive issues, replace the drive.

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Old 10-02-2009, 09:21 AM   #3
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Default Re: Hackers/ Hard disk failing need help quick

if a hacker had actually gotten onto your PC and could type then I think it's likely that some sort of software has been installed as a back door for the hacker.

it's likely the software that is causing your machine to crash.

and I wouldn't be surprised if the hackers program that's installed on your machine doesn't call home to advertise the fact that you're online.

(assuming that you've got a firewall it's also likely that this is how the hacker has bypassed it, -the program -hence your computer has made a request to a server, the firewall is stateful and allows replies). -quite a nice trick...

best advice, disconnect your computer from the internet and run a virus scan.
or format and start again.
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Default Re: Hackers/ Hard disk failing need help quick

just reformat, sounds like he has put a RAT (Remote Admin Control) on your computer or some sort of Remote Desktop software, if he has have a look in your systems 32 folder look for an exe that is fishy. Virus scans are not going to help with this problem because hackers can split down these RAT's and then change the hashes on them so they don't get picked up by a AV.

Good Luck.
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Default Re: Hackers/ Hard disk failing need help quick

Definitely do a reformat. That way your 100% going to get rid of it. Unplug your internet cord and backup up stuff that requires it (like pictures, or homework) but make sure you check in all your picture folders to make sure there is nothing fishy in those folders either. Then do a full reformat
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