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Old 05-19-2004, 02:10 PM   #1
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Angry Hacked or not?

Hi I need some help and advice if possible about email, net security and hacking.

My best friend has zone alarm firewall and norton antivirus ( his definitions are up to date)
He hardly downloads things from the internet and has also checked for spyware with ad-aware and spybot. Virus scan shows no virus at all, neither does trojan hunter.

About 12 months ago I begun receiving email from someone who was sending personal information about my friend to me. Stuff like his mobile phone numbers, copies of his business card, home address and so on.

A month or two back more emails began arriving, this time they contained details about my friend's upcoming weekend break, complete with Hotel name and date of stay. Other emails came that were non specific but were slightly harassing. The IP address matched a woman we both knew, her ISP.
The HELO also said the EXACT name of her computer, also said the name of her partners half of the computer, EXACT name next to HELO.

The emails came from HIS computer and we think its his partner who sent them.

My question is, how does this sound to you? She is trying to say that she must have been hacked and that the information that was sent to me was by a hacker, but how would a hacker know my email address because she does not have this on her computer at all. Would a hacker be able to mimic her EXACT helo, IP address and monitor info, such as booking a holiday, some how find out my email address and and then use that info to email me? Why didnt the hacker hack the credit card my friend used to book his holiday instead of emailing me?, it doesnt make sense at all.

You see we checked and the HELO is the name of her computer and other emails I received had my friends HELO on, she is trying to say it was not sent from their computer.

His IP address is dynamic so surely the hacker wouldnt be able to continually monitor the computer anyway and what about the zone alarm firewall?

Can anyone please shed light on it?
Why would a hacker just want to harass me, how would a hacker know me and how would hacker be able to mimic her exact IP addy , helo and ISP?

My friend is giving her the benefit of the doubt, should he be doing that?

She does have access to his computer. And the other thing is, if a hacker DID managed to hack him, could he send an email from the hacked computer that would replicate the HELO and IP address or would that take on the Hackers helo and IP?
It all sounds very unlikely to me, and I thought Zone alarm blocked access to ports etc?
Thanks in advance

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Old 05-19-2004, 03:03 PM   #2
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Default Re: Hacked or not?

It doesn't sound like a hacker. Mainly because the ip is dynamic. OK, he may have been able to get the address and details by monitoring packets when she was sending an email, that part is believable. I would say it his partner.

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Old 05-19-2004, 03:16 PM   #3
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Hi David,
Thanks for that. I think its definitly his partner but it is just convincing him. The Helo said her name after it and there are just to many things that point to her. I think he just wanted to make sure he had not been hacked, but nortons never picked a thing up, he runs a firewall anyway. Trojan hunter was also clear.
Thanks for the reply and your time

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