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Default Hacked

Ive just found out that for the past two years people I know have been able to get into my computer, get information and photos etc from my email, been able to go onto my social media whenever they feel the need and I would like to know what rights I have?
I am computer illiterate, so Im unsure how they have done this, but i have lent them my computer on afew occasions as they work with computers and said they could fix things, check the speed etc.
In my admin thingy it says my name, system and unknown user has rights to all my files so Im wondering if theyve also found away to get all my private files aswell as going into my internet accounts.
I did the netstat thing and it came up with more than just my own, but ive read this happens often.
Is it possible, now that i think ive blocked them, to find out the IP address somehow and take action from there, or now that i think ive got rid of them, will it not show up anymore?

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Default Re: Hacked

Where to start...

Information security is a lifestyle. It is not a series of steps to be done and then kaboom! -- everything's fixed.

To get there, you need to increase your knowledge with computers. You cannot be "computer illiterate" and be secure. You are on the right track coming here. But you need to do more.

You should assume the worst for your private files.

The safest thing to do now, for you, given the status quo, is to start afresh and be more careful next time.

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Default Re: Hacked

For starters just change your passwords for accounts, emails etc etc and when you log into things make sure you do not allow the computer to remember passwords.

Do not lend out your computer to them for any reason!!!
If you need people to fix or work on your PC then be present and watch them what they are doing.
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Default Re: Hacked

Depending on the level that you feel you have been compromised there are a couple of steps to take below.

Have a computer shop (a trusted one) backup all of your files and re-install windows.
A drastic step I know but it's a guaranteed way to make sure any hidden key loggers etc that may be installed are gone.

Change all of your passwords AND security questions on your accounts.

Change the wireless security name and key on your router.

As per dale's post when making these password / security question changes be sure to think outside of the box but still be memorable.
ie if you are going to change a security question to "What street did you grow up on" and you have told people about this previously that's a bad idea.

What I have done previously is have a question like "What street did you grow up on" and then gave an answer that was to a different question ie what is my favourite food?

Also with passwords if you want to be secure don't use something obvious and definitely don't use something obvious and replace a letter o for the number 0 zzzzzzzzzzz
Either think of a word or something you will remember and change it completely ie take your surname and throw in the DOB of your mother but splitting the word up so with a surname Johnson and DOB 02 04 1962 your password becomes


The best passwords and most secure are those that are not even words.
There are password generators out there but just go for a 12 character or more string with letters, capitals, numbers and symbols.. . .


Difficult to remember but no password cracker is ever going to get that in a dictionary attack.
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Default Re: Hacked

Originally Posted by skitter View Post
I did the netstat thing and it came up with more than just my own, but ive read this happens often.
the netstat allows you to check on active connections and what pid they have then find out what they belong to it also displays the ip address of the Local Address and Foreign Address you can also use the following free software downloads,

link 1
link 2
Link 3

this will provide more information than just your active connections.

Kind Regards
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