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Default Did not use password before

Have Dell optiplex Gx240 desk top computer.
All sudden got this problem with the computer.
The problem is I use to start up the computer with out using a password.
One day i was trying to setup dialup network,so I start press some boxs ,I don't remember which boxs i press.
So close down the computer for the few minute.
Now when i restart the computer my screen say i need a password , before I never use a password to get to the desktop.
So now i need to type the word administrator to get the deaktop.
When in administrator i notice All my folders on the desktop are gone.
Who know what is wrong with the computer ,how i fix this computer.
Thank for the help .

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Default Re: Did not use password before

Hi there, the reason your folders aren't there is because the Administrator log in leads to another User Account, meaning nothing from your original account is shared.

Log into your Admin account and access the User Accounts control panel. Is your user still listed? If it is, then there's a simple guide to removing your current password to something you know.


Hope this helps

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Question Re: Did not use password before

Dave 123
I try this steps did not work.

This guide will show you how to reset your Windows XP or Vista Password. This is great if you have forgotten you main account pass and cant get into you account any other way.

Step 1 Restart your computer and immediately keep tapping the F8 key, a menu will pop up with the option Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking etc etc. You want to select Safe Mode

"I try three different safe mode (did not see 2 accounts as mention in step 2).
Each time I choose different safe mode and i press enter it goes to window default.
Did not find the 2 account one normal account and one administrator account.

Step 2 You will then get 2 accounts appear, your normal account and an account named Administrator. You want to click onto the Administrator account and log in.

Step 3 From there you will be able to access the acount settings for different users.
Start menu -> Control Panel -> Users Accounts
Select the acocunt you want to change, then click remove the password:

Step 4 After removing the password, restart the computer and you will be able to log in without having to enter it again.
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