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Default Delete 'CUT' file?

I cut a folder from my desktop and pasted it to a floppy drive. Is the folder totally off the computer now? I know when you 'DELETE' a file, it's not totally deleted and more has to be done to actually erase it from your computer. I didn't know if this applies to files that are 'CUT' & 'PASTED' though.

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Default Re: Delete 'CUT' file?

Have you tried pasting it to another folder on your hard drive? It should still be in the clipboard unless you've logged out or restarted since then.

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Default Re: Delete 'CUT' file?

No essentially the way the disk stores information is it has a table of contents... if it moves a file it just simply copies the file to a new location and marks the space empty in the table to be written to. If someone really wanted all they have to do is scan your disk through to pick up deleted files. Someone would have to be really trying to recover the file though. It's not something that you can do a search for in windows. There are programs out there that can secure deleted files are blanked so the computer just writes lots of 0s to overwrite the file but remember that deleting a massive file is almost instant... to completely delete it will take as much time as it would normally take to move it.
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