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Default Cyber Staker

Hi all please bare with me as I am not computer savy. My daughter is being stalked via facebook and a false email account.We belive it is someone she dated for one month 2 years ago and has been obssessed with her since a bad break up. Because he would not let it go she blocked him on FB and in her email account. She has recently become engaged and it has started again on Jul 17th. First she, her fiance and a mutual freind recieved very disturbing messages on FB as a wall to wall message. These came from a mutual aquaintence from a ski club,but not a freind on FB. Then as I was chatting with her fiance on FB from her account they where able to join the chat through the accounts. We have changed all passwords and alerted the person who's FB account they were using. He deleated the account. However we recieved more messages from that account ,even more disturbing with personal details only the ex byofreind could know. We blocked that account and then started getting more threatening email messages from a bogus email account that was set up in the ex's name. We have blocked that as well. I have contacted the authorities to no avail. Someone is still trying to access her FB account and change the password or figure it out. I have contacted the ex's family and he says it is not him. I need to find out who is sending all of this as my daughter is afraid for her safty and the authorities keep blowing us off. The email address came from an IP in Sunnyvale, Ca. The ex is a flight attendant for an airline and can access computers anywhere. Please any ideas or help would be appriciated. I also started having problems with my pc at home it crashed several times yesterday. I have McAfee and it shows no problems except the Real time scanning feature keeps getting turned off and I have to turn it no again. Please any help would be appreciated Thanks Mel

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Default Re: Cyber Staker

Hi Mel, welcome to CF!

Sorry about your situation as these are never pretty. I would personally continue to contact the authorities and try to take it to a judge with as much printed proof as you can. I would leave our subjective stuff like your computer acting funny as that could be anything although does seem suspicious. Make the FB account password something impossible to figure out, like a variety of numbers, letters, and symbols. You can also go to your local FBI office and try to get them involved as this is a cyber crime as well and they will be a little more apt to take action.

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Default Re: Cyber Staker

Thanks for the reply. I have contacted the FBI they told us that there was not much they could do because it did not involve a cyber money scam. We are also working with local Detectives where we live. I am just trying to see if there is a way I can find out where this is coming from and if it is who we think it is or should we start looking in another direction. Thanks again so much for the help Mel
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Default Re: Cyber Staker

Most you can possible do is try to stop the problem yourself, maybe you should consider getting her to deactivate her facebook account so the problem can ease down a bit, that way it prevents him from causing trouble there. Do not worry if he sends information to people there is nothing else he can do, and once he uses up all that information he will have nothing else to do.
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Default Re: Cyber Staker

I would suggest completely shutting down the FB acct and try to keep pushing your case with the police. Sorry about your situation but, did he have any access to your computer where he could put in a bug?
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