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Default Computer Security MSc Dissertation!HELP!

Dear Friends

Greetings to all of you. I have a request to you all on what dissertation topic is suitable for MSc dissertation in terms of computer security ?

If you could light some knowledge on the guidelines that is required to follow to achieve a good computer security dissertation for MSc , much appreciated.

I need help on finding good computer security topic for dissertation and what are the knowledge, skills required to successful finish whatever dissertation topic you could be suggesting me to do.

If I can have orderly guidelines(objectives) to achieve the dissertation topic you recommending me, I am grateful to you. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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Default Re: Computer Security MSc Dissertation!HELP!

Sorry, but this post makes very little sense in English. I have no idea what you want, but it sounds like you are asking us to help you with some assignment. We generally avoid doing these types of things here.

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Default Re: Computer Security MSc Dissertation!HELP!

hi Jmacavali

Thank you for replying me that saved a lot of impatiently waiting frustration to me haha

Yes I am asking for help in terms of guidance only so I can have some sort of road map on where to start researching and what kind of things to learn by myself to be able to do my dissertation assignment effectively.

however, if this is not the kind of question I should be posting then my apology
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Default Re: Computer Security MSc Dissertation!HELP!

here's an issue that I've come across recently,

PCI-DSS, the "standard" was quite clearly written by guys who know a lot about windows.

however, there isn't a lot of guidance as to what is or is not acceptable on Linux, which can leave you arguing with certifiers over whether you should or should not be able to do various things.

It also means that whilst you may have two PCI-DSS certified places or institutions they can be secured in very different ways, and what might be acceptable to one person or institution is not acceptable to another.

what I'm suggesting is that sites where you write your credit card numbers in to buy things should be secure, not only that but they should conform to a "standard" of security, but that standard of security is not a fixed target, it's more of a fluid ideal, that is not applied uniformly across the board.

I'd suggest a dissertation that takes a case study of two companies with pci-dss certified environments, looks at the differences, asks why that is, and what holes there are in the "standard" that mean that it's maybe not as secure as it could be.

(unfortunately I will not be able to provide any details of the customers PCI-DSS certified environment that I'm currently creating, as the company I work for takes confidentiality quite seriously.)
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