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Default Re: Computer Confused

this is the classic symptom of a system that is overheating. most likely the cpu, but other components such as video card or motherboard chipset can be overheating. if the system was working fine but now is exhibting this problem, check to see wether the problem started after any recent (hardware) changers were made. if so, then what ever whatever change was made could be the cause of the problem. if no changes were made, most likely something such as cooling fan is ether failed or starting to fail.

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Default Re: Computer Confused

Alright, now I post the real trick to this whole problem. It only happens when I am logged into a specific account. I can use the computer on an alternate account fine, but when I log onto that one, it just shuts down. I really have no clue. I see no suspicious processes right before shut down. It appears random. It might stay on for two minutes or 20 but it still randomly shuts off. But I can run it off of battery power and be fine for about 15 minutes, then I have to plug the charger in, which in turn makes the computer shut down. I am afraid to send it to HP for they might just reformat it. Plus, I want to backup my files but I don't have the financial support to buy a external harddrive for my laptop. I am really in a pickle with this one.


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