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Default Can an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) Be Infected with Malware

Hi again,

After posting my "story" on several of the big online computer forums, I've nailed down some step-by-step procedures I must do to clean up, re-setup, and protect my home network from future possible malware & hackers.

One last question I have before I fix things and hopefully never have to come back here is whether or not a device called the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) that's part of my Verizon Fios service can be infected with malware too?

It's this white box outside my garage that was installed the day VZ Fios was. There's a mirror box inside the garage, which is the back-up battery to that white box outside the garage. Anyhow, it's called an ONT.

I have learned that your router and modem can both be infected with malware (the type that is super malicious and changes the firmware in them). But does anyone know if an ONT can be infected with malware too?

And, if so, what can be done?

Thanks to everyone one final time.

-the idiot

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Default Re: Can an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) Be Infected with Malware

I cannot answer your specific question I'm afraid. But first thing is that even massive intelligence and other government agencies all over the world are not immune to these attacks. If you think about how these things work, to my mind anyway, virus and malware killer writers can only write a kill for any virus or piece of malware AFTER that infection has hit the internet. Yes they do use heuristic and predictive methods to try to anticipate what is coming next. But that is trying to predict things and in my opinion they are no better at predicting what will happen or what will come than either you or I are.
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