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Default bypass firewall

i need help bypassing a firwall ....i am using a connection at a local college and can't download songs...i have heard that you can bypass it if you have an alternate port number...can someone please help me

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You could always copy the songs onto a CD and play it at school? :P And anyway - once they realise you're doing it, which they will, you'll be banned from using the Computers at all. Which'll ruin whatever course you're doing on Computers - if indeed you haven't already done so by spending time doing other things.

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Default Re: bypass firewall

go use nmap/hping from inside & outside the network then hopefully youll get a idea of what the firewall rules look like, then youll be in a position to more easily possibly circumvent them.
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Old 07-28-2004, 06:07 AM   #4
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Default Re: bypass firewall

I think you have a general misunderstanding about the difference between a filtering proxy server, (that is stopping you fro mdownloading files with specific extension) and a firewall that stops traffic accessing certin ports.
You connect to the proxy server on a standard port (3128 or 8080 or various others), you could try not using the proxy, if you knew the address fo the gateway.
theres achance however that the gateway is setup to only allow traffic from port 80 (the web port) from a certain IP address (the proxy!).
Most systems are fool proof.
Usually the admin will put holes in so that they can surf for porn/download warez/music or whatever else they stop you doing.
This can be a different port on the proxy.
it could be exception to the firewall rules allowing port 80 connections from admin machines on a fixed IP address.
The most popular proxy used in education (as far as I know) is squid (cause it's free).
this has the ability to have domain password recognition, so unless you know the port the admin connects on, and their password then you don't have much hope of getting out.

Like I said, most systems are fool proof, they are made fool proof by only accepting traffic on certin portsfrom certain addresses.
unless you spoof the IP address of a proxy to connect directly to the firewall (which may not even work if there is a proper DMZ setup) you don't have much hope.

Admitidly most school admins are as thick as two short planks, - that why they have county approved companies that install systems for them.
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