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Default Bad virus, considering my options.

Hey, the computer I'm posting about is a p4 3.2 ghz dual core processor, 4g ram, 250g hard drive, 9800 geforce nvidia. The OS is windows home its currently updated sp3.

This computer has been down since last september. I know thats a ridiclous amount of time, but I lost my internet service and I still don't have service. I'm posting from a library so any recommendations you have program wise should be some thing I'm capable of downloading and booting off a USB onto my other computer.

All right, down to the nitty gritty of the problem. When this virus entered my system it launched a massive amount of other pests to destroy my machine and flood my anti-virus program while it did its work. The virus either deleted or moved my startup files and shortcuts, and also set all my document files to invisible mode. It sends a message every now and then that its "scanning for viruses" which i suspect is actually installing another horde of other viruses. When its done it says for so-and-so amount of money it'll repair all the errors it found. I tried doing a system restore and such but the virus causing the actual problem is a bit of b*tch.

So I'm going to hope that some one out there can recommend a program that can help me get rid of this virus. If not then I need to learn how to reformat my system. When I bought my computer it came booted with windows home and no install disc. I heard that when companies do this I can still reformat it to default using the right commands. I have no idea what those would be any information would be very useful.

Thanks for reading. Any help is greatly apreciated I'm more than a little irritated at this point.

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Default Re: Bad virus, considering my options.

I would recommend a reformat to be honest, purely because even if a virus protection program can fix it... it might still be lurking around in your system somewhere and it is ready to strike again or steal your personal information. I would definitely consider the reformat.
Every time I get a dodgy virus I don't even back things up, I just format the hard drive re install the operating system, get some anti virus and start over because you never know.

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Default Re: Bad virus, considering my options.

Get a copy of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and install it on your PC. Boot up in safe mode and run Malwarebytes over and over until it doesn't find anything.
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