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Originally Posted by spank_fusion
With that line of reasoning, pretty much everything discussed on the forum should be locked, and the forum itself closed.
Amen. The average lifespan of a CF thread seems to be about 20 minutes before it gets locked.

Master of common sense. If you don't like it, stop reading.
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Default re: Maurice

Originally Posted by thecoolkid
Ok, I'm curious. Why didn't you take away my link to Remote VNC? It is a legitimate site that is the equivalent of PCAnywhere, but free. It is not a trojan, it is not a virus, it is a totally piece of legit software. I don't understand how you can justify your actions of threatening me, and taking away a link in which I was trying to be helpful. Please explain to me, how my statement of "Why in the world would someone install a trojan on their friends computer unless to do some type of damage? Your friend would have to trust you alot to do that. Set up a VNC server. That is much safer and has a lot less temptation than sub7 does. Plus, you can still run your antivirus software." is out of line in the smallest form. It offers good advice on remote administration with good password protection, and troubleshooting. I don't want to hear any of the crap about me posting about installing trojans, that was recon16.

You say "why didn't you", I think you mean "why did you", anyway, "ALRIGHT TROOPS, LISTEN UP" is a general post made earlier by a senior moderator, pointing out to other mods, actions that should be taken, he is very educated, & very alert, knowing the legality of all things regarding the rules as they stand, here, on CF, I have asked him to check & assess my actions on this forum subject, he will tell me if he thinks I was wrong, there will be no cover-up, he is very forthright, feel free to contact him yourselves & ask him to comment on this situation

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