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Default Wts As5300/as5350/as5400

Want to sell the following AS5300/AS5350/AS5400/AS5400HPX complete units and components (bottom). 120 day warranty.

Everything *IN STOCK* and ready to ship!

Cisco AS5400 & AS5400HPX Gateways (Refurb and NOB):

Note: Price quotes are $refurb/$NOB

AS400 Chassis $5500/$6900
AS5400HPX Chassis $8900/$9500
AS54-4T1-96-AC/DC (2x2T1) $10,700/$11,900
AS54-4E1-120-AC/DC (2x2E1) $10,990/$12,100
AS54-8T1-192-AC/DC (4x2T1) $15,600/$17,400
AS54-8T1-192-AC/DC (1x8T1) $18,000/$19,990
AS54-8E1-210-AC/DC (4x2E1) $15,700/$17,750
AS54-8E1-210-AC/DC (1x8E1) $18,100/$19,990
AS54-8E1-240-AC/DC (4x2E1) $17,990/$19,495
AS54-8E1-240-AC/DC (1x8E1) $20,500/$22,150
AS54-16T1-384-AC/DC (2x8T1) $28,500/$29,995
AS54-16E1-492-AC/DC (2x8E1) $32,400/$34,400
AS54-CT3-648-AC/DC (1xCT3) $32,400/$34,900
AS54HPX-8T1-192-AC/DC (1x8T1) $19,950/$23,990
AS54HPX-8E1-240-AC/DC (1x8E1) $21,500/$25,950
AS54HPX-16T1-384-AC/DC (2x8T1) $29,990/$33,750
AS54HPX-16E1-480-AC/DC (2x8E1) $33,950/$37,550
AS54HPX-CT3-648-AC/DC (1xCT3) $33,950/$37,900

Cisco AS5350 Gateways (New, open box):

AS535-2T1-48-AC $6,899
AS535-2E1-60-AC $6,999
AS535-4T1-96-AC $9,950
AS535-4E1-108-AC $9,950
AS535-4E1-120-AC $11,990
AS535-8T1-192-AC $16,700
AS535-8E1-216-AC $16,700

AS5350/AS5400/AS5400HPX Components:

8T1/8E1 (with octal cable) $3900
60np (60 port module) $2090
108np (108 port module) $4150
CT3 $2750

Cisco AS5300 VOIP Gateways:

Prices are ($refurb/$NOB)

AS5300-120VOIP-A $7,995/$8,490
AS5300-96VOIP-A $7,300/$7,850
AS5300-96VOIP $6,995/$7,500
AS5300-60VOIP-A $3,990/$4,490
AS5300-48VOIP $3,800/$4,300
AS5300-30VOIP-A $3,200/$3,790
AS5300-24VOIP $2,990/$3,490

AS5300 Voice Components:
AS53-30VOX (vox carrier card and 30 C542 DSPs) $1190
AS53-24VOX (vox carrier card and 24 C542 DSPs) $1150
AS53-48VOXD (vox carrier card and 48 C549 DSPs) $2850
AS53-60VOXD (vox carrier card and 60 C549 DSPs) $3450
AS53-VOX (C542 6 port VOX DSP module) $4500

Terms: 120 day warranty. Any software relicensing is the responsibility of the buyer. No guarantee regarding Smartnet status or eligibility. Please inquire regarding complete specifications of any item.



http://isptrader.com (company information)
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