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Default Re: Nintendo Wii for sale

Originally Posted by Copperhead
I got one this morning

I got to gamestop at 9:00pm last night and slept out w/ 4 friends. The other 3 sold their spots, but I actually bought one.

There were 2 other people at 9:00 then 2 more came at 11:00 then nothing until like 4:00 But it opened at 7:00 so at around 5:30 about 20 people came and none of them got one. The guy came out at 6:00 and said they only had 5 so there were 40 people behind me that didn't get one.

Anyway, at gamestop you'd have to be there at midnight but they only had 5. so depending on where you go and how many they have you might wanna get there at 5:30-6:00?? just to be safe....again, it depends on how many they have and where you live
thats what i said the day i bought one. looking at that website, though, it looks like they'll have a lot, so depending on the weather it might be fun just to get there 1-2 or somethin but you might be safe if you get there 4-5?? i really have no idea cuz it depends on the store and supply and everything

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