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Default "More problems, more parts..."- Need some help and parts...

Ok, so I'm building a new computer, (Old one fried due to unknown causes...)
Its a BTX, Gateway FX case. Intel D945GCZLR Intel 945G all that good stuff...

Anyway, I'm putting it together (Finally, I've had 3 other parts problems), and I got my motherboard in (That was a relief, the first problem I had was I ordered the wrong motherboard), and got it all secured, put the I/O shield on.

Then went to put my Power Supply in (PSU), and it fit and everything, had to cut the little plastic things so it could reach the input. Then I realized, it was too small. It needs a 28 count input thing, my PSU has a 24.

I'm now in need of a PSU (Power supply Unit) and a Processor (May have a deal goin for one, but I haven't heard back from the other guy and would prefer to trade...)

So, now this is my shopping list:
Power Supply Unit (BIG NEED, willing to trade my current 400 Watt PSU and a piece of 256 RAM, maybe PC-133 or whatever you need, take advantage now, this offer may not be here for long. also maybe a Graphics card with S-video for a PSU that will fit my computer, and 450 watts preferably)

Processor: Preferably 2.8+ Ghz, it has to be a Socket 775 Intel processor (Celeron D, P4) I will gladly trade my 2.8 Ghz, socket 478 Intel P4 processor and if I haven't acquired a PSU, a piece of 256 Megabyte DDR RAM. Also a Video card with an HDMI input (Nvidia) Or a Radeon 7000 graphics card.

And a Graphics card, PCI-e 128+ May buy a 256 or 512, but I figured I'd try and get one off here. Not sure what I'm offering. Maybe a wireless card and some other stuff.

Here is a list of everything I have to trade:
Power Supply Unit, 400 Watts

And some other stuff that I will post later
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