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Default FS: Seagate Cheetah 36GB 80-pin SCA SCSI LVD Hard Drive

UNFORMATTED CAPACITY (GB) ________________43.2
FORMATTED CAPACITY (GB) __________________36.4
AVERAGE SECTORS PER TRACK ________________302 rounded down
ACTUATOR TYPE ____________________________ROTARY VOICE COIL
TRACKS ___________________________________235,224
CYLINDERS ________________________________9801 user
HEADS ______PHYSICAL______________________24
DISCS (3 in) _____________________________12
MEDIA TYPE _______________________________THIN FILM/MR
RECORDING METHOD _________________________PRML 8/9 PR4
INTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (mbits/sec)________179 to 313
EXTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (mbyte/sec) _______40 Sync
Low Voltage Differential(LVD) _______80 Sync
SPINDLE SPEED (RPM) ______________________10,016
AVERAGE LATENCY (mSEC) ___________________2.99
BUFFER (/optional) _______________________1MB/4MB
Read Look-Ahead, Adaptive,
Multi-Segmented Cache
INTERFACE ________________________________Ultra-SCSI Wide
Low Voltage Differential __________Ultra2-SCSI Wide
ASA II, SCAM level 2 (1 default)
BYTES PER TRACK __________________________153,284-229,045
SECTORS PER DRIVE ________________________71,132,960
TPI (TRACKS PER INCH) ____________________12,580
BPI (KBITS PER INCH) _____________________252
AVERAGE ACCESS (ms read/write)____________6.15/6.85
Drive level with controller overhead
SINGLE TRACK SEEK (ms read/write) ________0.8/1.1
MAX FULL SEEK (ms read/write) ____________14.2/15.2
MTBF (power-on hours) ____________________1,000,000
SHOCK (G's, 11/2/0.5 ms):
operating (Read/Write) __________5
abnormal ________________________10
nonoperating ____________________75/175/100
ACOUSTICS (Bels typical, sound power) ____4.6
POWER DISSIPATION (watts/BTUs) Active ____/
Idle ______15.73/53.7
+12V TYPICAL (amps) __0.99 idle
+5V START-UP (amps) __0.85
+5V TYPICAL (amps) ___0.77 idle
IDLE (watts) _________
LANDING ZONE (cyl) _______________________AUTO PARK
IBM AT DRIVE TYPE ________________________0 or NONE

Height (inches/mm): 1.654/42.01
Width (inches/mm): 4.00/101.6
Depth (inches/mm): 5.75/146.1
Weight (lbs/kg): 2.0/0.907

Already low-level formatted at the factory with x spare sectors
per cylinder and x spare cylinder per unit.

More Specs: http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/...csi/29440b.pdf

Price: I will do an even $100.00USD. I take PayPal / Check or Money Order.

Photos: I will get pictures tomorrow.

Shipping: I will only charge 10$ for shipping, 3$ for insurance. Guarentee NON-DOA and I will give a 30-day Money Back if the drive fails for some reason.

This drive was used for about 30 days in my file server, until I replaced all of the 36GB drives with 73GB drives. You can view this drive I have for sale on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...category=30969

Just post here if you are going to bid, the Buy It Now on eBay is $110.00 but if you are a member on these forums, then I will keep my $100.00 price.
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