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Default How To Create a Windows XP Install CD With SP3 + Latest Hotfixes Included

In this guide I will show you how to create a windows xp install cd which will include service pack 3 and the latest hot fixes. The main benefit of

creating this CD means you dont have to manually install SP3 + all the hotfixes after you have installed the OS. This can save you a lot of time if you have many PCs you need to build from scratch.

Things you will need for creating a windows xp install cd with SP3 + latest hotfixes included

-Windows XP CD
-nlite Download from http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/changelog-sp3.html
-Microsoft Windows SP3, Download Here
-SP3 Post hotfixes pack from http://ryanvm.siginetsoftware.com/fi...ckSP3_1.0.3.7z

Follow the below steps which will enable you to create a windows xp install cd with SP3 + latest hotfixes included

First create a new folder on the root of your C: drive and call the folder "WINXP" Now put your windows xp install disk in to your CD drive, now browse to the drive and copy all of the files on the CD to the C:\WINXP folder you created above

Download the program nlite from the link above. Install nlite on your computer then launch the program. Select your language and click next. Then

click on the browse button and browse to C:\WINXP and click on ok. Click next until you get to the task selection screen. Click on the "Service Packs" button and the circle on the left hand side will go green. Do the same for the "hotfix" and "Bootable ISO" buttons. Click next.

You now need to add the microsoft service pack 3 file we downloaded earlier. Click on the select button, then select the .exe file you downloaded for SP3 and click on ok. The nlite program will now check the SP3 files and verify they are ok to use. You will get a successful message if the SP3 has been added ok. Click next.

You should of downloaded the SP3 Post hotfixes pack from above. Now on the Hotfixes page on nlite click on insert located bottom right, then select RVMUpdatePackSP3_1.0.3.7z click ok. You will then see all the files listed in the nlite program. Now click on next.

On the next screen nlite will prepare your files. When it finishes click next. On the next screen click on "Make ISO" then select a location to save

the ISO file. You should get the message "ISO Created Successfully" Click next then finish.

Now using your favourite CD-Burning program burn the ISO file to a CD. The CD will now be bootable and will include SP3 and the latest hotfixes included

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