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Default Why is my computer slow ?

Why my computer is running slow?

Well there are multiple reasons why a computer can be running slow. Most of the time the process is easy to diagnose, but sometimes the problem can be hidden. The most common problem of this is called "software-buildup" that you download and is clogging up your computer, now removing the programs is usually easy but it can take a lot of time if you have a lot of unused programs downloaded.

Common Problems:

Software build up

Now what software build up is, is basically you downloading a lot of, programs, apps, clients and especially tool bars. most of the programs you download you never use anymore, and the longer you have them the more you will forget about it and just leave it there. the problem with that is that even though you are not able to see it, there are processes running in the back ground taking up system resources, and in the end slowing the computer down.

Video help:

Hardware Test

Video help:


Now ram is a piece of hard ware that helps your computer run programs and do certain tasks, it makes your computer run faster and smoother and does most of the work instead of your hard drive for memory to run a program. ram stands for Random Access Memory, and is basically a big draft of the program you are running.

go to Newegg Canada
go to Newegg America
to upgrade your RAM

Video help:



Hard drive space

Your hard drive is a big piece of your computer, its were all the files are stored. and if there is not evnough space for system resources, then your computer will become slow and sluggish.

Video help:


Dust build up

Eventually you will have your PC for over a year, and if you have pets your PC will start to get clogged up with dust and hair, especially if the computer base/tower is on the ground and not on a desk, open your computer case and very carefully remove any dust with your hands, then use some air in a can to clean the remaining dust. REMEMBER, unplug youc pc and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, after that, try turning it on before taking the case off.

[/youtube] only watch to 1:50

Over heating

If you have a PC that gets very very hot, you might want to think about putting some new fans in your PC, because over heating can cause the graphics chip, the processor chip to basically melt and it just becomes a big mess.


A virus, virus's are the worst. take your body for example, when you have the flu, you feel sick, you don't wanna function, don't wanna go to work, sneezing and coughing all the time. well in a sense that's what the virus is doing inside your computer, its making it run slow by using its system resources.

Video help:



Out Dated PC

When we have an outdated PC all we really need to do is update the software of our PC, there are several websites you may go to. find out the make of your motherboard and go type in the manufactures website.. ie: i have a dell motherboard, then i go to google.com and type in dell and go tot their website and install the latest dell updates. but for other software it should tell you that you need an update automatically.
Video help:



Old PC

Some times our PC is just old, completely out dates, and sometimes it is just cheaper to buy a new PC then to pay a lot more to upgrade it.
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