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Default Re: Win10 Networking frustrations

Thanks for the replies all. I think I have learned that this is an MS update issue.

A bit after I posted this thread I went back and tried the "Services" routine again. This time it worked (I must have not done it right the first time). But, I had to do this on every PC on my network.

My habit is to shut down all PC's at night, and start back up first thing in the morning. When I did so today, the Xidax could still see all other PC's, but not itself on the network.

I opened the "Services" window and discovered that the Function Discovery Provider Host was NOT running, even though it was still set to start "Automatic", as I set it yesterday. I started it, and the Xidax did not show up. The Function Discovery Resource Publication was already running, so I restarted it. As soon as it came back on, the Xidax popped up on the network.

What has been gnawing at me is: Why have the other PC's not had any network issues? They were all able to see everyone else on the network even before I made the "Services" changes; and still can. The answer is: All of the other PC's are wi-fi capable. The newest addition, the Xidax is not. Its a custom built PC and I specifically declined the addition of a wi-fi card during its build. I prefer ethernet for home PC's.

So, I am now thinking that the last MS update changed how PC's see each other over the network, somehow all intertwined with wi-fi functionality. Its the only thing that makes any sense. If this issue happens again after the next MS update, I suppose I could buy an inexpensive wi-fi card and install it, and see if that resolves the issue permanently.

If anyone else reads this thread and has a more enlightened understanding about this issue, please feel free to comment. Its part of my nature to not put a solved puzzle to rest until I understand the root cause of it.
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